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Dream big. Live bigger.

Rooted in the principles of science, and born from a love of sports, our performance enhancing athletic program is a unique, one-of-a-kind, wellness program and athletic workout. Our goal is to change how we workout, how we train our bodies. Arm day, core day, leg day...these methodologies don't exist at SwingFitt Global. Rather, we believe that everyday is Total Body day, because that's how our body was designed to function optimally.

Athletes of all ages and fitness levels love to SwingFitt, and coaches love our results. Our performance training translates directly onto the field, the rink, the course, the court. Documented increases in pitching velocity, club head speed, throwing yards, 40-yard dash speed, agility, flexibility, and more!


We have been fortunate to team up with PGA professional coaches and professional athletes like Jesse Litsch (Toronto Blue Jays) and Toby Hall (Tampa Bay Rays), who helped us develop and launch our flagship workout, SwingFitt for Baseball/Softball. All our SwingFitt Global workouts include exercises aimed at reducing injury and increasing total athleticism and strength, and our amazing results speak for themselves.


Get in touch today! Train your entire team, bring your athlete for a personal session -- you won't find another performance program with results like you'll get with SwingFitt Sports anywhere else!

Get the SwingFitt Global Edge at SwingFitt Sports. 

If it doesn't Challenge you, it doesn't Change you.

Our Performance Fitness Services

SwingFitt Global trainers provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you or your student athlete reach and maintain health and fitness goals. Whether your athlete is working on increasing pitching velocity, yards thrown, swing speed, or general fitness, we work with each client to custom design an exercise plan that reflects their short and long-term goals. Check out our offerings and choose whichever one best suits your athlete's ambitions and your family's lifestyle.

Sport-specific training is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Everyone is looking to get a leg up on the competition,  and SwingFitt Sports is the edge you and your players are looking for! We offer a one-of-a-kind, performance-enhancing, strength-training program to athletes of all skill and fitness levels. Our athletes love the challenge, and you’ll see an improvement in performance in no time!

Performance Enhancing Fitness

Swing better, Throw better, Field better! Choose below to learn more about our programs.

SwingFitt Sports workouts benefit others too!

Every time you workout at SwingFitt Sports, 10% of our profits go to Swing4All.org, a non profit organization with a mission to make swing sports more accessible to all families. 

The rising cost of participating in youth athletics today is prohibitive to many families. Swing4All.org aims to offset some of that expense, level the playing field, by raising funds for scholarships to swing sports teams and facilities, and providing gently used practice clothing, gear, equipment, and more.

Please go to www.swing4all.org to learn more about Swing4All.org and its mission.

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