Summer SwingFitt Sports Fitness Clinics at Empire Baseball

Players are made in the off-season. What are you doing to stay at the top of your game this summer? 

SwingFitt Sports teams up with the MLB experience and expertise of Jesse Litsch and the staff at Empire Baseball in Clearwater, Florida. Clinics include the documented, performance-improving SwingFitt Global™ fitness program, skills evaluation and assessment, throwing mechanics, bullpens and more. Spots will go quickly, so select your clinic below and lock your spot in now!



Tuesday and Thursday 1PM

Dates: 6/5 - 6/28 or 7/17-8/7

Pitcher-specific SwingFitt Sports workout PLUS mechanics training from former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, Jesse Litsch!! 60-minutes. Ideal for young pitchers.


Baseball pitcher




Tuesday and Thursday 2:30PM

Dates: 6/7 - 6/28 or 7/17-8/7

Moving up to the big field? Looking to increase strength and velocity to impress your high school coach? This is the training for you. SwingFitt plus MLB-level training with Jesse Litsch.




Wednesdays 1:00PM and 2:00PM


Our flagship SwingFitt Sports workout! Increase agility, strength, flexibility, power. Become stronger, faster. Swing better, throw better, field better with this workout!


Tel: +1 813-551-2255

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