Frequently asked questions


What if my student athlete is new to working out? Can they still do SwingFitt Sports workouts?

Yes! SwingFitt Sports trainers are trained to recognize different fitness levels and adjust the exercises and class accordingly. SwingFitt Global Partners are also certified to train our program. If you still are concerned, we recommend that you book a private session first, and ease into the group setting.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

Our program is founded upon the scientific principles developed by RMT® founder David Weck at the WeckMethod and the lifetime fitness experience of our Founder, Melissa Pranzo. The result is a performance-enhancing program you cannot and will not find anywhere else! Plus, we incorporate unique fitness tools to increase your metabolic output, maximize your burn, increase power, flexibility, and more.

How often do you recommend attending class or a personal session?

To maximize your results, attending class three (3) times per week, or two (2) personal sessions per week, are equally great ways to start. Every body is different and will progress at different rates, but we suggest starting there and re-evaluating on a monthly basis.


My child plays rec ball and likes multiple positions. Can s/he still do SwingFitt Sports for Baseball / Softball?

Yes! Our program is for all players, no matter their skill level or position. We work on flexibility, strength, coordination, and more, all of which are valuable no matter where you play on the field, or how competitively.

Is SwingFitt Sports just for kids, or can adult players benefit as well?

SwingFitt Global exercise and fitness program was developed for all athletes of all ages and competitive levels. It is the SwingFitt Global program developed by Melissa Pranzo, which, we follow at all our trainings and trainer partners, like SwingFitt Sports. If you have specific concerns or goals, please contact us! We would be happy to discuss them with you.

Our team is looking for a performance coach. Do you do that?

Yes! We go to practice fields for on-site trainings and also have facility trainings available too. We do sprints and more, but we incorporate our Clubs into every workout to ensure all our athletes receive the injury-reducing and power-building benefits of RMT®. The kids love to workout with us! SwingFitt Sports workouts are tough, but also fun and engaging. Call or email us today to discuss further, we'd love to hear about your team and your performance and fitness goals.

What is is a non profit with a mission to make swing sports athletics more accessible to families across Tampa Bay.

What is the relationship between SwingFitt Sports and

Ten percent (10%) of SwingFitt Sports profits from lessons, classes, and trainings go to Our goal is not only to help folks of all walks of life become stronger, faster, and better athletes, but to do our part in making sure that no child is left out of a swing sport because his/her family cannot afford the clothing, gear, coaching or extra training often required.

How can I help?

Just by working out with SwingFitt Sports you are helping! Remember, 10% of SwingFitt Sports profits from lessons, classes, and trainings will go to, so everytime you workout, you are helping! Also, check out the Facebook page (@swing4allorg) to keep appraised of fundraising events, clothing drives, and more! If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please email them directly at