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Get fit and Play better Golf! 

Swing your way to hitting more eagles with instruction from the PGA-level experts at Cestone Golf Academy, and SwingFitt for Golf!


The Cestone-SwingFitt program brings together the PGA-level expertise, which, Michael Cestone and his team are known for, with the exceptional, performance-enhancing fitness training of SwingFitt.  With this training combination, you will increase club-head speed, and improve your swing mechanics.


We are the only Golf Instruction-Fitness program in the area, training at Westchase Golf Club in Westchase, FL every Tuesday at 5PM, by request with lessons, and also with Cestone Junior Summer Camp! Click to Learn More, or below to book lessons at Cestone Golf Academy.

Michael Cestone and Melissa Pranzo
SwingFitt for Golf Players

SwingFitt for Golf 

Improve your Swing Power and Control.

The edge you have been looking for is finally here!


SwingFitt is the most powerful, performance-enhancing, injury-reducing, fitness program to hit the market. Specifically designed for swing sports, SwingFitt for Golf is the documented, performance-enhancing SwingFitt program, adapted with specialized fitness training to improve swing extension, power, and decrease risk of injury by increasing total body athleticism.

We know competitive golfers travel a lot, and time can be an issue. SwingFitt for Golf is not only available at local golf courses, but also you can take us with you on your travels!

SwingFitt for Travel Golf Players


What you get:

1-2# Club

1-4# Club

2 personalized workouts (alternate workouts 2x/week)

2 Skype or FaceTime sessions 



What you get:

Updated workouts

Access to a SwingFitt Trainer (ask questions, etc.)

2 Skype or FaceTime sessions

Get the SwingFitt Edge now! Swing faster, hit farther, play better golf. Click below and let's get started now!

SwingFitt for Golf in action
SwingFitt for Golf workout

SwingFitt for Golf with DARI Motion Analytics

DARI Motion Scan and Report Add-on

Add a DARI Motion scan and report to your SwingFitt for Golf program! 

DARI is the best in practice motion analytics technology. Meaning, DARI has developed a reporting tool which analyzes your movements and translates them into strengths and weaknesses -- it can even show potential injury points! You would have to go to about 4-5 doctors to get the level of detail provided by a 10-minute DARI scan.

No suit. No x-rays. It's markerless motion analytics, providing insight into your muscular and skeletal strengths and weaknesses in a single report. It's simply amazing and a bargain at only $99.99!


Book your DARI report with SwingFitt today!