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You want your athlete to get to the next level? You want the best, safest, scientifically proven, performance-enhancing fitness program for your athlete? 

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The SwingFitt Global Difference

  • Proven to reduce risk of injury

  • 10%+ increases in pitching velocity

  • 20%+ increases in yards thrown

  • 20%+ increases in speed

The SwingFitt Global performance fitness program is born from a love of sports, and backed by scientific know-how.

We incorporate the principles of functional movement, with our SwingFitt Global methodology, to teach an athlete's body to do, what coaches have been saying for years. We swing clubs, strike the ground with them, and more! The result is increased total body athleticism, power, and a reduction in injury risk.

East Lake High School Varsity Baseball pitching squad.

Athletes love our program because they get the tangible results they want, and it's more fun and engaging than pushing sleds and doing box jumps.

Coaches love to come to SwingFitt Sports because their athletes are better, faster, stronger than the competition.

What Pros, Coaches, and Players are Saying

“SwingFitt fills a gap we have in baseball, especially for up and coming players. We’ve put together a program that adds a dimension to player development that no one else is doing right now. It’s a game-changer." - Toby Hall, fmr Tampa Bay Rays player

“I am blown away at the success my team has had from SwingFitt in a short period.  Every week I see velocity up, strength up, and a easier time in power hitting. It isn't just one or two kids, it's the entire team, and that's just one workout of 45min a week! Can't even imagine what we'll look like when we can have multiple workouts a week.” - Coach John G., Kangaroo Court

“Knocked a second and a half off my 40-yard dash. Don't know how they do it, but SwingFitt really works. Finally, a workout that actually works!” - Damon G., Varsity Football Player

“SwingFitt is a fun and exciting workout that is safe and effective for kids. My son Justin (age 12) absolutely loves it. We are already seeing results and most importantly we are confident that he is safely building core strength, balance, and flexibility that will translate directly into success on the baseball and football fields. SwingFitt is a great way to get stronger and faster and it's so fun that the kids don't even realize how hard they are working.” - Coach Jim M., Carrollwood

"SwingFitt is awesome. After just a few weeks, my pitching velo went from 79mph to 83, and now 88! It's hard, but it's awesome." - Mac G., Varsity Pitcher

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