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Rotational Movement Training® (RMT®) 101- Three Reasons Why RMT® Works

We get a lot of questions about RMT® at our training sessions. What is it, why should we or our student athletes incorporate it into our workout, and more. Fact is, there are many different training methods that athletes can undertake to reach peak physical performance and perfect their skills.

Among the best, without question, is RMT®, the foundation of our SwingFitt™ training developed by fitness expert David Weck.

What Is RMT®? RMT®, or Rotational Movement Training®, is a physical type of training that helps improve an athlete's ability to rotate left and right, with balanced symmetry. By undertaking RMT®, athletes can improve their movement, ensuring the greatest amount of balance and power, while simultaneously ensuring the cleanest movements with the least damage or wear on the body. RMT® can be extremely helpful for training a wide range of athletes, from tennis players to discus throwers to runners. It's also very beneficial to baseball and softball players who want to throw and hit as well as possible and with as little risk of injury as possible.

Here are three reasons why RMT® works.

1. It Promotes Body Unity

RMT® uses circular and spiraling movements, with specialized equipment. These motions are designed to help your joints, muscles, tendons and connective tissues all connect and work together. Thus, RMT® can help players get their body more in sync and integrated, promoting balance and maximized athletic ability.

2. It Decreases the Risk of Injury

In addition to maximizing performance, RMT® also helps decrease the risk of injury. This is because RMT® helps athletes make movements with more ease and fluidity, meaning there's less wear and tear on body parts as one performs -- and less chance that a muscle or body part is overexerted.

3. It Helps Facilitate Power

Most athletes want the ability to make powerful, explosive movements. In baseball, players want to be able to throw as fast and hard as possible, or they want to be able to hit the ball as far as they possibly can. RMT® ties all movements together, and in turn, reduces "power leakages" from moving inefficiently or in a disconnected manner. By doing RMT®, athletes of all kinds can maximize the results of their movements without needing to exert extra effort.

Whether working out for your health or to increase athleticism for a sport, check out RMT® - the proof is in the science, find out for yourself!

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