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Game On: 4 Tips for Taking Videos at Your Athlete's Ballgame

Getting video of our athletes on the field is something we do pretty much all the time. As a travel ball parent, I know how important it is to capture that winning play, or the swing that sends the ball over the back fence. One moment could make or break the season. It could even mark the beginning of a long athletic career!

That's why I always have my phone handy, ready to film a few minutes of my son's performance at a second's notice. If you do this as much as I do, you know how hard it can be.

Whether it's the fences around the field (c'mon...we've all got those chain-link fences in our videos!), someone blocking the view or the sheer speed of play, there's always an obstacle in the way.

Want to get better video? Try a few of these tips.

1. Steady Wins the Race

I don't know about you, but I always use my phone to capture these videos. It's small, convenient and within arm's reach, freeing me from the need to carry heavy equipment. But that doesn't mean equipment can't help you.

Tripods give photographers a steady way to catch athletes at the height of the action, when they're running the bases at full speed. Take a cue from the pros. Get a selfie stick, a mini tripod or a monopod, and attach your phone to it. You can find these in small, compact sizes, and they'll help you keep your phone steady while you film, giving you a smooth video.

2. Scope Out the Best Seat in the House

Everyone knows how hard it is to get a photo or video without those tall fences in the shot. Some ballfields actually do have seating with a better view. Arrive early, and scope out the best seat in the house, and stake your claim! You could look for a spot on the highest bleachers or move to the side or the front of the audience section. You'll have time to try out different spots and test what you can get with your phone. You could even try standing. You might be surprised to learn that you can get fence-free video in one or two select spots.

3. Let the Light Shine In

One problem that's all too common with videos is lighting. I can't remember how many times I've watched a video that either had too little lighting -- or too much. It's surprising how much light can affect video footage. Sure enough, some of those evening games appear way too dark, and sometimes, the sun hits the phone at just the right angle that it washes everything out of view.

Professional photographers have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve to adjust, but with a little extra planning, you can let the light shine in too. If you're filming when it's dark, try standing as close to the field lights as possible so that the phone camera catches the light evenly. For those incredible sunny days, avoid shooting into the sun when you can. Instead, aim your phone in the same direction the sun is beaming, with the sun behind you. This will give you a nice, naturally lit background for great video.

4. Go for the Upgrade

I know new phones are expensive, but the technology in phone cameras is getting better all the time. So, it might be worth to bite the bullet and go for the upgrade. When you upgrade your phone, you can choose the model that gives you all the features you've been looking for. Choose a model that has a high-quality camera so you can capture great video. Then pay attention to the details on the phone, including the type of lens, the zoom length and the resolution it gets. If you choose a phone that has all the right features, your video will turn out much better than you thought possible.

Next time you line up to the fence, phone in hand, ready to press the "record" button, keep a few of these tips in mind, and enjoy the game!

Melissa Pranzo is the Founder of SwingFitt™ and She is a certified RMT trainer, a life-long elite athlete, and lover of life and sports.

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