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3 Reasons Why Coaches and Student Athletes Come to SwingFitt™

Fitness training for baseball and softball players can be grueling, especially when the long, hard workouts are the wrong fit for your athlete's sport, training goals, or body type.

Too often we see young baseball players doing workouts designed for football players, where they are lifting tremendous weight, pushing over-weighted sleds, executing fitness regimens utilized by professional, adult power lifters and body builders. While workouts can be broad, regardless of their age, ballplayers require a different kind of workout than a football player, a soccer player, etc., and the wrong fitness regimen can lead to serious injury.

SwingFitt™ was born from a love of baseball, but our mission is to reduce the risk of injury in student athletes, and our results are why coaches and student athletes are turning to us.

Check out these three reasons why student athletes love to SwingFitt™:

It's Different

Who likes to do sprints, burpees, and push sleds for an hour-and-a-half? At SwingFitt™, we swing RMT® Clubs, strike the ground, and provide a dynamic, fun experience. SwingFitt™ clients benefit from unique fitness training that mimics the movements and mechanics used on the playing field.

In other words, we teach players' bodies a new kind of muscle memory to automate mechanics, the directions coaches say over and over. As a result, a player's body works more efficiently. Our athletes experience increased power and athleticism, and most importantly, a reduced risk of injury.

Results Talk

Our athletes Swing better, Throw better, Field better™. They perform well on the field because our workouts are based upon data and actual sports science. From pitch velocity increases of 10 percent or more, to increased athleticism, our athletes enjoy their sports more because we make playing them easier on their bodies.

We also help student athletes achieve their athletic goals, and with the help of our analytics partner DARI, offering targeted training that translates to high performance during each competitive game. Whether you have general fitness outcomes in mind, or specific goals you want to achieve in baseball and softball, our training will deliver the results you want.

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Pay It Forward

Every time you SwingFitt™, you are donating to, our sister nonprofit organization that helps less fortunate players join competitive swing sports teams. The rising cost of sports like baseball and softball/fastpitch are making these sports accessible only to the wealthy, and at, we aim to level the playing field.

Ready to try performance fitness training that will up your game? Get in touch today!

Melissa Pranzo is the Founder of SwingFitt™ and She is a certified RMT trainer, a life-long elite athlete, and lover of life and sports. Melissa and her son, Cooper, live in Tampa where SwingFitt™ and are based.

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