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Why Functional Movement Should Be Part of Your Fitness Regimen

How many times have you pulled a muscle "doing nothing?" This is because we are not teaching our muscles to work together anymore; it's "leg day," "core day," "arm day," etc., so when we ask our muscles to work together, they don't do it as well as they should, and we get injured.

Functional movement, or exercises that encourage your muscles to move in traditional and familiar ways, is a technique that can be easily be added into any fitness regimen. By employing functional movement, every day becomes "total body day," so your your muscles learn to work together, function more efficiently, and therefore with significantly less risk of injury. In addition, because this type of training doesn't typically involve lifting heavy weights, or put a lot of stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, I recommend it for all athletes.

Learn more about this essential piece of any exercise regimen below.

What Is Functional Movement?

If you've ever done a squat, you've done functional movement, meaning, you've bent your muscles in a way that they have become accustomed to moving during normal life. Through continuous and familiar motions, functional movement training can improve overall fitness by encouraging your body to be prepared for a wide variety of situations.

What Are the Advantages?

There are many advantages to including functional movement in your fitness regimen. To start, these types of exercises typically utilize more muscle groups, resulting in an overall better energy burn. Additionally, because functional movement works muscle groups in the same way that you use them in everyday life, functional movement can greatly improve your overall health and well-being.

Finally, functional movement workouts can prevent injury by improving your core strength, balance and neuromuscular control. Talk about a win-win-win!

How Do I Start?

To start small and easy, try out some functional exercises that require nothing more than your own body doing familiar movements. Sets of squats, arm circles, or lunges can be done without leaving your home or having a fancy gym membership. Once you've mastered those, consider including simple pieces of exercise equipment you can keep on hand, such as the Clubs we use at SwingFitt. However you decide to start, you'll soon be well on your way to improved overall health and muscle fitness.

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