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Fitness and Scholastic Achievement: Why It's Important to be Active outside of PE Class

Sometimes if feels like the "old-world" childhood has passed away. Instead of knocking on doors to ask friends to "come out and play", instead of playing softball in the middle of the street until the street lights came on, instead of running through fields and muddling through swamps, many of today's children spend their time playing video games, watching TV, or spending considerable time on their iPads and iPhones.

For some children, the only exercise they get is PE class a couple times of weeks while school is in session. This is not enough exercise for a growing, learning child who is expected to succeed in the classroom. In fact, according to studies, there is a direct relation to exercise and academic performance - children who are physically active do better in school.

For example, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education cites a study in 2001 by the California Department of Education that supports this. Results of the study found a direct relationship between physical fitness and improved academic achievement. The study also found a link between parents being active with their children, thus leading the children to develop healthy, life-long exercise habits.

Pros of Fitness and Scholastic Achievement

The evidence that exercise improves learning, especially in mathematics and reading, cannot be disputed. In fact, the evidence determines that children who are physically active see improvement in the following areas:

  • academic performance

  • brain function and health

  • completing cognitive tasks

  • better memory function

  • increased on-task attention time

Cons of Fitness and Scholastic Achievement

The only con I can think of when it comes to fitness and academic success is putting too high of a priority on one over the other. I find that it is important to maintain a healthy balance between the two. This is easy to do when you start to see that academic performance and physical activity depend upon each other to achieve optimum success.

In order for children to get as much exercise as possible outside of their school's PE class, parents usually enroll them in sports. I think this is definitely the way to go. However, you still are subject to schedules and seasons that may not get your child moving as often as he or she should be.

And this is where SwingFitt Global comes in.

Whether your child plays baseball, softball, basketball, football, or any other sport, the more physically fit they are, the better they will play the game and do well in the classroom. At SwingFitt, the focus is on the whole body that neatly fits into a unique athletic program unlike anything else out there.

At SwingFitt, children can undertake performance training based on the sport they love to play. Fitness training for baseball is a popular option, as is fitness for softball. The sports programs enhance the child's skills right on the field or court, no matter what sport or sports they are currently involved in.

If you're looking for baseball fitness, golf fitness, or an alternative sports fitness program, contact the team at SwingFitt today. If we're not in your area yet...let us know you want SwingFitt! We guarantee your child will love the program and improve in both the game they love to play and in the classroom.


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