Become a SwingFitt™ Trainer

Licensed personal trainers and fitness lovers wanted! The SwingFitt™ opportunity is one you can't pass up!


SwingFitt™ was born from a love of sports and we want to keep trainers, players and fans active in their sport! Our opportunity is for sports fans, fitness lovers, personal trainers, and former players who want to stay active in their sport, but also want to put food on the table.

Why SwingFitt™?

The SwingFitt™ program helps reduce injury risk in athletes of all ages, and has performance-enhancing results.

When you complete our certification course, you get access to teams, training, and a community of like-minded individuals. 

In addition, a percentage of SwingFitt™ proceeds go to, a non-profit on a mission to keep competitive sports accessible to all players, no matter their financial situation. 

You get to help kids train smarter, get results, make money, AND help others! Who doesn't want that?

What you Do Next


Fill out our easy online application and you're off to the races. If you are a potential fit, a SwingFitt™ representative will contact you.

Thanks in advance!

Tel: +1 813-551-2255

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